Liam’s feeling much better. I figured on Wednesday that he was feeling more his old self, when he decided to start fighting with me about everything! Up til then he hadn’t had the energy to argue. Poor little guy.

Speaking of behavior, we’re working on that. Liam now has a “good behavior jar” that he’s working to fill with cubes. If he does what I ask the first time I ask, and with a good attitude, he gets a cube. If he whines, hits, gives ugly looks, etc., he loses cubes. Now watching a movie in the evening is no longer a fait accompli. It’s a privilege to be earned in exchange for 5 cubes. Leftover cubes get saved for big things, like a trip to Imagipark or Parc Paradisio (10 cubes). Right now he’s saving for his dream trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower — 50 cubes. It’s amazing the change that’s taken place in just a little less than a week. Part of me dreads sending him back to school in a week — a lot of what we’re working to correct, most if not all of it, are things he’s picked up from other kids at school.

Speaking of which, although we will be sending him back to school for now, his year will end in April at the spring vacation mark. When we come back from visiting family in the states, Liam will stay home and we will commence schooling ourselves. There are a plethora of reasons behind this decision, but rather than go into all that here, I’ll just say we’ve put a lot of thought into it and are certain this is the best thing for our children.

Some photos to entertain you. Normally you’d never see a picture of me in here — especially one without makeup therefore highlighting my perpetual dark circles. But Liam took the photo, and he’s ever-so-proud to have his work published.

Harry’s room is slowly becoming the school room. Our plan is to move him into Liam’s room and they will share. He seems to have another idea. Every day he empties that cupboard and climbs in. This morning everything was out, lying on the floor, and he was lying inside!

Not sure if you can make it out, but Harry is sitting on Liam’s feet in the last picture. They both enjoyed it quite a bit.

One last quote to leave you with. Liam, who his microscope-obsessed at the moment, after his morning errrrr….. ritual: Next time I poo I want to poo on a plate, so I can look at it under the microscope!

Liam: Look at this plate-asaurus.

Me: Do you mean stegosaurus?

Liam: Ummm, it’s really a stegosaurus, but I don’t know what stegos are. I’m just a little boy. But I know what plates are. So I’ll call it a plate-asaurus. When I’m an adult, I’ll call it a stegosaurus.