garden time!

Spring has sprung here in Belgium! Which means, naturally, that it’s time to put in the garden. But first, a couple random shots of the boys enjoying rare cups of cocoa:


Liam looks thrilled beyond measure. Harry appears to be in shock that such a thing exists.

Now, on to the garden. Here is the before. Please to avoid looking at our redneck fencing. I’m hoping that will be replaced in the next year or so.

Much to be done in that plot. I spent an hour or two each day for about a week cleaning it up, turning the soil, and making it as hospitable as possible for all the seeds I was eagerly holding on to.

On paper it’s so neat and orderly. That means the reality will be a meticulous garden that practically weeds itself, right?

This weekend, Jesse built a trellis for our tomatoes and cucumbers, and a teepee for the peas to climb.

…or maybe that teepee was for kids to play in, I forget…

The first seeds went into the ground yesterday, with more planned about 2-3 weeks from now. The easy part is done. The hard part (the weeding, the constant upkeep, the harvesting before everything gets too big, the slug hunts) will be here before I know it.