Eye Surgery

We haven’t updated these pages in quite some time — not because nothing’s been going on. Because we’ve had so much going on we couldn’t keep up with it all. So, the important recent happenings:

Jesse has started playing his violin in the Bruocsella Orchestra, a community orchestra similar to the one we played with in Hawaii. He is hoping to be able to keep up with the music when his newest venture starts at the end of the month — back to school. We are both getting back to work on our college degrees with Thomas Edison State College, a school that caters to the online learners. Jesse is working toward Bachelors of Applied Science in Technology, and I’m is working on my BA in English. We’ll post links to our homework so you can keep up with our progress and offer any tips.

This week Jesse returned to our old stomping grounds, the NNCC. He much prefers the work and the international staff he will be working with, so this is a good move. Of course, the new position means shift work and long days for Mom and Liam at home alone, but we’ll adjust!

On the 29th of September I had laser eye surgery. We researched and found the top doctor in Belgium, and as a result I wasn’t terribly nervous. In fact, I was more concerned with leaving Liam with a babysitter for the first time than about the surgery. (Turns out he had a wonderful time.) After a lifetime of wearing glasses/contacts, I can now see everything. My vision was 20/200 or worse in both eyes prior to the surgery. At my checkup less than 24 hours after surgery, it was 25/20 (ie. slightly better than the 20/20 goal) and should continue to improve slightly. My only regret is that I waited so many years to have this done. The surgery was COMPLETELY painless. We have a video of the surgery, so if you’re not too squeamish you can watch in when you visit.

What? You really only check these pages for updates on Liam? Well, he’s a happy, bouncing seven and a half month old. He’s currently jumping for joy in his jolly jumper. He’s getting so he can move about the room quite well — backwards. Just over the last couple of days he’s starting to make some forward progress, aka commando crawling. His legs and torso are getting so long that as of today he’s starting on his 9-12 month wardrobe. Good timing, as that is the size we have sweaters and sweatshirts in. He has three teeth (two front bottom and right canine) with another ready to burst through any day now. As you might expect, that is putting a bit of a damper on the nursing, as when he’s feisty or tired he’s taken to biting. Luckily he now eats three square meals a day, so he is slowly self-weaning himself. Most of the time, we simply grind up whatever we are having and he’ll eat with us. Things he loves: sweet potatoes, fish and vegs, pork and vegs, yogurt. Things he hates: peas, bean soup. Things that hate him: plums.

That’s enough for now. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this updated on a more regular basis. Love,

Jesse, Karena, and Liam