Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Much has been going on in the last few months around here. The webmistress apologizes for the delay in updating. Between school and an almost-toddler, web design has been the furthest thing from my mind. After much coercion, however, I am taking a break from my studies to give you all this glimpse into our lives. Don’t feel bad: I mean, I’ll probably get a D on my paper, and flunk the class, and not get my degree, and set a bad example for Liam…. but hey!

Just kidding. Things have been going pretty well around here. J and I are just finishing week 5 of the 12 week Body for Life Challenge. We are really starting to see some dramatic changes. Maybe one of these weeks WE’ll be the photo of the week instead of Liam! The lad is doing great, toddling around the house behind his walker, or scooting around the room via the furniture. He’s a little fearful of taking his first steps alone — probably has something to do with the 5,874 times he’s bashed his head into the hard tile floor. We decided to buy a rug just this last week for the living room, to give the little mite one room where he’s A) not freezing his hands/knees/butt off, and B) not going to do irrepairable brain damage to himself. Wouldn’t you know it — the PX didn’t have what we wanted! Hmmm, some things never change.

Liam’s birthday is coming up in just two short weeks. Can’t believe we’ve been parents for a year. Liam’s favorite word is Da-da, followed by Do for dog. His favorite lunch is scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms. He’s getting pretty adept and stacking rings and blocks, and loves pushing all his cars and trucks all over the place. Quirky thing: he’s afraid of the birds chirping outside the window in the morning when he’s eating breakfast — freaks him out. His favorite game is rough-housing with his dad, and he likes to get into EVERYTHING, so my free time is pretty much at an end. And just think — he’ll be walking soon!