Jesse and I are still up to our eyeballs with school work, but I just couldn’t deprive you all of your Liam pics for any longer. Since the boys are upstairs asleep, I have a few free minutes to update the webpage.

BIG news from here — Jesse got promoted to E-8!!! We’re pretty ecstatic about that. It’s been a long time in coming and is definitely well-deserved. With the promotion came a few problems, naturally. The big one was a concern that they might make us move so J could fill an E-8 slot at another base. Thankfully, we’ve been assured that *probably* won’t happen. Probably, of course, because the “needs of the Air Force” prevails over all else. But that applies regardless, so looks like we should be here for another two and a half years as planned. The other problem to arise is that Jesse will have to go to Alabama for six and a half weeks for Senior NCO Academy. Neither of us is looking forward to that, but it’s got to be done. He’ll most likely be going to the course starting in May. It could be worse: he could have to go in July and August! Could there be a worse time to go to Alabama?!?!

Liam had a good birthday, was thrilled with his plunder, and then quickly set about the business of getting his molars. It hasn’t been fun around this house for the last couple of weeks. That plus the irritability etc. that comes from immunizations. Poor little guy. You can tell he’s in pain, so that makes his bouts of temper a little easier to take. However, as he’s also learned the fine art of tantrum throwing, it puts we parents in a bit of a predicament. How do you pick him up to calm him one time, but not the next? He must be getting confused — I know I am!

It looks as though we’ve finally finished the longest winter either of us has ever witnessed in Belgium. We’ve had our fair share of snow, and more than our fair share of cold, rainy, stay-inside days. Just this week spring seems to have arrived, and we are loving it. Meisje is determined to spend every waking moment out of doors, although she’s just like a kid. In and out, in and out. She can open the back door, so the second I put her out she turns around and paws at the door til it opens. Happy now, she scampers off to play. Liam is absolutely loving crawling around in his big backyard. He loves the feel of the grass, the warm sun, and chewing on rocks. Yes, chewing on rocks. Sigh… well, he’ll have a good immune system and great teeth!

A few days ago we were all out in the backyard, and Jesse and Meisje were horsing around as per usual. I cautioned about doing so while Liam was playing, and kept putting my arms around Liam to protect him, and J basically told me to back off, that nothing was going to happen. Not three minutes later Meisje slammed into Liam with as much speed as she could muster. It was like a hockey check. Liam, who had been kneeling and enjoying the show, went flying sideways. Pow!!! A few tears later, wipe the smudges of dirt off his face, and all is well. But, now I get the supreme satisfaction of being able to say “I told you so!” In retrospect, however, it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. Why do you never have a video camera when you need one?!

That’s about all from here. Hope you enjoyed the update!