The clock is running. Only three more full days before Liam and I head for home. Gramma Bonnie leaves on Tuesday, and we return to Belgium the following day. Although we will miss all the family we’ve enjoyed visiting with, I’m also looking forward to getting home.

Here Liam takes some one-on-one time with Uncle Scotty.

The lighting was just right for this shot: Liam in the dining room examining a floral display.

Winter Wonderland

It’s been absolutely beautiful here today. It snowed steadily all day long. Great for those of us that got to stay inside, or be outside playing in it for fun. Not so great for those who, like my brother, had to drive to and from work in whiteout conditions. Lucky me.

This is a tree in my parents’ front yard. I post this for all the displaced northerners having to suffer November in Ala-freaking-bama.

Liam sort-of enjoying his first sled ride. As you can see, he brought his newest tractor along for comfort. Some kids have a blankie, some a binkie. Mine has a tractor…

…which he uses to help clear the driveway. I shoveled, he plowed. You can tell by his pink cheeks and grin that he’s really enjoying the winter weather.

Thanksgiving, Part II

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day around here. It was wonderful to be home again with family. The only missing piece was Jesse. As you might expect, we ate too much, laughed a lot, and reminisced a ton.

Liam starts his day with a hug from Paige.

After his Thanksgiving feast, Liam follows the tradition of all men and collapses on the couch.

Grampa catches Liam sleeping and warns him not to be so obvious.

The Headless Liam

Grampa and Liam entertain one another. Liam was snapping Grampa’s suspenders, and Grampa was jumping and wincing from the *pain* of it all.

Over the last twentyfour hours it has NOT stopped snowing. And it’s due to continue throughout the day. Next up, pics of everyone’s favorite toddler in a winter wonderland.

Fun Day

I have to tell you that pictures just don’t do justice to the fun Liam had today. He had a BALL! We played outside for as long as Mommy could stand the 20 degree weather, which he loved. He even acquiesced to wearing his new hat, as that was one of the conditons for playing outside.

The sun is in his eyes in this pic, hence the squinty-eyed glare. It’s not like he’s a tempermental toddler with an attitude problem. Oh… wait…

More fun followed while he played with Paige for over an hour crawling around on the floor playing doggie. See, although I play games like that with Liam, and get all into it and make a fool out of myself, there’s no way I could crawl around on the floor and do the same thing over and over again for over an hour. Ahhh, the joys of being young (and having young knees). Thanks for the respite you’ve offered me during our stay here, Paige. I owe you big.

As I said, pictures don’t begin to capture the fun he had. He played on the floor, yapping like a dog, for the longest time.

It's been a ZOO around here

Today Liam and I went to the Thompson Park Zoo (aka the Living Museum) in Watertown. The zoo is made up of animals native to this area. It was lightly snowing and quite windy and cold, but we had a great time. Especially Liam! The cold didn’t seem to bother him, thanks to his ever-present winter coat and trusty new mittens. He had a great time stomping around and clapping his hands to keep warm, and really enjoyed seeing the animals: elk, wolves, a wolverine, wildcats, a porcupine, eagles, and lots of others.

Liam enjoying the car ride up to the park:

The park supposedly has bears. Not that John or I have ever seen them. Wait, here’s one coming out of the cave right now!

All in all, Liam had a fantastic day. He was a wild child at the house this afternoon — must be the fresh air got into his blood. Then, about an hour before bed, he got a little too wild. In the evening he was playing chase with Paige when he misjudged how close he was to the doorjamb and BANG!

I kissed him and cuddled him and asked him if he hurt the wall? And he was fine. And then I noticed the bulging bruise on his head. It appeared within a minute! Luckily, we have a nurse-in-residence. Gramma Bonnie, RN, gave him a thorough examination and proclaimed him non-concussed. Apparently he broke a blood vessel and that is why the sudden and intense bruising.

Relax, Jesse. It’s already going down.

The New Photographer

No funny anecdotes or witty repartee tonight. Just a quick glimpse of Liam for Jesse.

Liam with a new puzzle I bought for him. It has buttons, a belt, snaps, and a variety of other fasteners for him to work. I considered buying a similar puzzle, one with door latches of all sorts. But I figured he’s already too good at those for his own good!

Not the best pic of Liam, but as he desperately wanted to take possession of the camera, I didn’t have much to choose from. Here is Liam’s very first photo:

Fun in the Sun

… and the snow. Today Liam was decked out in new mittens and boots. That, and a surprise appearance by Mr. Sun, made today a much better day.

Here Liam checks out his new boots. They’re little workboots, and waterproof to boot (get it??!!). They also cost a whopping 3 bucks, thanks to my favorite thrift shop. Incidentally, the coat is Baby Gap and was a rummage sale find.

You can see that Liam is getting better at handling his shovel. He ought to be, as it’s been his constant companion for two days running.

Liam’s first snowman, with a tad of assistance from Gramma B and Mommy.

Once the snowman had a face, however, he wasn’t sure he wanted it hanging around anymore. Here he’s trying to push it over!

That’s all for now. Tune in tomorrow for the latest and greatest in Liam’s world!