mowing mowing mowing

So… Nana and Pa M. returned to the states on Thursday. They had a fine trip back and are now adjusting to life without Liam once more. However, life WITH Liam continues as normal.

Today I mowed the lawn. Twice. I spent an hour of Liam’s nap pushing the mower around the yard. After he woke up, I spent another hour doing the exact… same… thing… Finally, I convinced him to give it a go himself.

Before starting it up, Liam gives the mower a proper inspection. As he would say, it’s “good to go!”

Here is the young lad, hard at work.

For most of my parents’ visit, it was cool and rainy; now that they are gone, the balmy days are here. It was nearly 70 today, and the sun shined all day long. Hence Liam’s sun hat. We have an agreement: no hat, no outside. Smart little man that he is, he’s chosen to keep the hat.

Liam has found that if he pulls on the bar as hard as he can and tips his weight back, he can lift the front of the mower off the ground. This is THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD EVER OH MY GOD LOOK AT ME MOM!!!!

Digger Power: a montage

Just a few action shots of Liam running his digger. In some of the pics you can even see the dirt clinging to the claws.

Also, note the ever-present workboots. Real construction workers wear boots, you know!

a hard day's work

It was supposed to be quite rainy and a tad miserable today, so we opted for a stay-at-home day. Wouldn’t you know it?.. about 9AM or so it cleared up and didn’t rain all day. In fact, Liam was so concerned by the lack of rain that he took it upon himself to water the lawn.

In the evening, while I had a lesson with my French tutor, Liam took his grandparents on a walk around town. Mostly this involved visiting the red digger that has been for sale for years. Liam got a special treat today when *Pa* decided it would be okay for him to give it an up close and personal inspection.

…not sure he likes the look of that wheel…

…posing with his potential purchase…

On the way home, Liam decided to check out the progress on the main road near our house. As you can see, it looks as if they may FINALLY finish. They’ve brought in the big machines. I think we can expect to spend a great deal of time standing on the street corner over the next few days. As the little boss man keeps an eye on his work crew.

Today we went to the Chateau d’Havre, haunting ruins of a once beautiful chateau with a beautiful rose garden to visit. Except the rose garden isn’t open until June, and the ruins are being stabilized, meaning that there are cranes and construction crews and orange tape in nearly every view. And it was bitterly cold. However, we bundled up well. Liam, as you can see, wasn’t affected by the cold. Here he is walking beneath some unidentified stone structure on the grounds.

Later, back at the house, he and “Pa” had a rousing game of hide and seek. This is a great shot of Liam hiding from his grand-dad, sneaking a peek to make sure he’s safe.

a few good days

Sunday morning we went to the Mons market. We got lost in the winding streets, but made it back to the Grand Place in time for a leisurely cappuccino before heading home.

They’ve recently installed a new fountain on the Grand Place.

The afternoon we simply spent around the house, enjoying the sunshine.

Liam gets a bike lesson from Grandpa.

Today we made a trip to Cora for some delicious bread and cheese for lunch. While there I bought Liam the mother of all fantastic gifts for a machinery-loving little lad: his own lawn mower. As you can see, he takes his job as caretaker very seriously.

It’s been a good couple of days, despite a few meltdowns by the wonder boy. Oh, and we have some words to update our list with:

22. pease — please
23. no — usually accompanied by fanatical head shaking
24. Nana — Grandma
25. mow — oh, the hours we’ve spent mowing the lawn the last two days!!!!
26. Pa — Grandpa
27. sop — stop, as in at a red light
28. key — self-explanatory

Take THAT, you interfering, lousy, no good, pompous, anxiety-inducing, evil woman who DARED suggest there was something wrong!


Ahhh, you gotta love grandparents. They arrive, and I have peace. I can cook a meal without a child hanging off my leg. I can go to the bathroom without assistance. Etc. Liam’s loving having Gramma and Grampa M visiting us. He settled in immediately with them, and spent most of the day showing them around his big backyard and his little corner of the world. They loved it perhaps even more than he did!

Another reason to love grandparents — they come bearing gifts. Here are some pics of the lad in his new Muck (from Bob the Builder) hat and an awesome Curious George shirt. It’s bright orange and yellow, it has a monkey on it, AND it’s got a fire engine and hat. Could there BE a better combination??

Liam likes to wear his cap at a jaunty angle.

Curious Liam

OK, enough with the pictures, people. Buh-bye!

fun in the garden

Liam had a great time today playing out in the garden while I hung the wash. He was wearing a new sweater (thanks, as always, Morag and Dave and Kerr!) that he just loves! You can’t make it out in the pictures very well, but it says SCOTLAND across the front, and in the center is a little black dog. He’s so proud of that dog and points it out to anyone that wants to see it.

I told him to say, “I love you, Daddy.” You can see he loves him very, VERY much. How much, you ask?


Hi, Dad!

I was going to post a couple pictures of some of our spring flowers coming up, but Jesse said, “I don’t care about flowers. I want to see the boy!” As you may or may not know, Jesse is in Italy for a couple weeks for some training. Although he can talk with me on the phone, Liam’s ability to carry on a conversation is somewhat limited (see posts below). So, to keep Dad in touch with his son:

Tell me, do you all like this sweatshirt? Because Liam loves this sweatshirt. You may recognize it from about half a dozen other shots. Get used to it — I think it’s a 3T, so you’re going to be seeing it a lot! Seriously, he wears it one day, I wash it the next, and wears it again.

Here’s Liam out enjoying the early April showers. Initially he balked at the idea of putting on the jacket; however, when he learned that going outside was contingent upon donning said jacket, he was more than agreeable. We bought the rain jacket in preparation for our trip to Scotland last year, where, incidentally…

we will be returning in September!!!!! We’ve tossed around a couple of other countries to visit, but the truth is we love Scotland and want to spend all our free time there. This year we will be staying at the renovated Fort Augustus Abbey. The town of Fort Augustus is at the southern tip of Loch Ness, so we’re in some of the most picturesque surroundings you can imagine. I can’t wait to start researching what to visit beyond the typical tourist stuff!

But that will have to wait a bit. Right now we are preparing for my parents to visit. I pick them up bright and early Saturday morning. Although our travels will be seriously abbreviated due to having a toddler in tow (and a sick one, by the way. Liam’s apparently caught whatever cold Jesse had just before leaving. Thanks ALOT, Jess!), we’ll probably make it to Bruges, Waterloo, and some local sites. Time to decide all that once they arrive. Have a nice trip, Mom and Dad!