baby news

I haven’t been in much of a blogging mood as of late. The urge comes and goes. But still, one must keep one’s public updated on a fairly regular basis. All is good here. Liam continues to grow and amaze us daily; he’s just starting a two week vacation from school, so he and I will be getting out a lot in the next few weeks and seeing the world. Maybe we’ll even share some of what we see with you!

One piece of big news that I’ll just touch on here is that we have decided to homeschool our kids. When Liam finishes this year’s maternelle, that will be the end of public education for our family. But that matter requires it’s own post, and I’m not prepared to write it just yet.

The OTHER big news, the one I am prepared to write about, is about the baby. We just had our four month checkup. This was a huge hurdle for me, and I suspect for Jesse as well. Sure, everything seemed fine; but, then, everything seemed fine with Isaiah as well. I’ve spent a lot of the last week or two being paranoid and remembering. Thankfully, we are very pleased to announce that we once again saw a very frollicking, heart-beating baby on the ultrasound screen. Everything seems right on track, and we both breathed a huge sigh of relief.

This should be pretty self-explanatory. Big head, spine, belly, legs drawn up. If you know what you are looking at you can see fingers at the bottom. The “X” in the middle of the body is pinpointing a thriving heart.

Two legs, an umbilical cord, and a wee little willie in the middle. We’re having another boy!

We’re both pretty excited about that. Now the name game begins. We had a girl’s name picked out, but somehow I don’t think it’ll suit junior. We’ll let you know what we come up with.

Signs of Spring

Spring came early for us here in Belgium. For those of you still suffering in the states, I thought I’d share some pictures… just to give you hope for the future. No worries, the end of winter IS in sight. Keep in mind that, while some of you may know the genus and species of every flower you’ve ever seen, some of us don’t. Like me. So forgive my lack of proper terms and enjoy the pics.

cherry blossoms

little white flowers

little purple flowers

little red-orange flowers

tulip — I really ought to re-plant this bulb. It’s gone so low the stem is only about an inch or two long.

pear blossom, just beginning to open

the best sign of spring — a happy child playing outside.


Liam is very proud and happy to tell you about the “daydee” in Mama’s tummy. Yes, we’re working on B’s. I don’t think he was too impressed when I showed him the latest pictures of his younger sibling. Maybe you’ll be more in awe.

I had my three month appointment on Friday. I’m doing fine, and with great relief I can report that the daydee is doing fine as well. During the ultrasound he was wriggling all over the place. (No, we still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but I’m not going to bother with being politically correct. He, or She, doesn’t care.) Hands by his side; in front of his body; stretching over his head. Rolling around; kicking; swimming. It absolutely amazes me that he’s in there being a whirling dervish, yet I can’t feel a thing. I should start being able to feel him move around the end of the month.

Head to the left, abdomen to the right. The streaks you kind of see above him is actually his umbilical cord. Not sure why it shows up as streaks here, but as bubbles on Liam’s u/s. The darker white shape just above where his mouth should be is a hand. You could see much, much more detail on the screen. I could count fingers and toes and everything.

In this image the daydee is facing you, head again to the left. You can see his fists up near the shoulder region. To the right are his feet, pulled up obviously. He measured 6.91 cm, which is almost three inches in length.

If you squint you can almost make out facial features here. Again, the baby is facing you. His brain isn’t actually bulging, it’s just the angle of his head during the shot. Jesse thinks he looks like an alien here. His arms are by his side now.

A full-body shot. He’s pushing with his legs against the edge of the amniotic sac.

Pushing again. He’s got one hand up by his mouth, the other arm is stretched up above his head.

The daydee was squirming all over the place during the u/s. I found it very reassuring during the scan, although it made her work of taking measurements a little more tricky. But, everything is measuring just fine, no signs of problems, etc. He had a nice, strong, steady heartbeat (except when he moved away from the u/s want and scared the crap out of me) and is one-third of his way to joining us. My next appointment is later this month, 27 March, and that’s when I will truly let myself begin to relax and enjoy this fully. But for now, I am happy and feeling very blessed.

Happy Birthday, Liam!

I realize this post is long past due. What can I say? Liam’s been almost too angelic lately, so I can’t blame him. I guess I’ve just been too busy enjoying life.

Liam’s birthday was 27 February — that was a Tuesday, so he got to have a school party. I made and decorated cupcakes for him to take to school. What carried them in a hatbox. As per usual, Liam didn’t want to go back to school in the afternoon. I reminded him about the cupcakes and the party but he said, “I think we keep them for later, Mama.” Normally I wouldn’t push him to go, but I wasn’t going to eat all those cupcakes! It took a little cajoling, but in the end he went quite happily and I think quite enjoyed his first birthday party.

After coming home, Liam found some presents awaiting him!

…. a hoppity ball, which he takes great delight in. It’s a little too big for him to actually hop around on, but he loves for us to bounce him on it. I predict that by this summer he’ll have sprouted enough to be bouncing all over the garden.

… a cool book, complete with magnetized characters to stick on the pages.

… his digital camera. Don’t you love the look on his face? This was both the best and the worst present we got him. Best because he loved it so much, worst because, although it looks good and technically “worked,” it took horrendous pictures. Worse than that, when we tried to pull the pictures off the camera, they disappeared. So this camera is going back and we bought a real replacement. It’s a simple Kodak point-and-shoot digital, and he’ll need supervision using it for a bit yet, but atleast it actually works.

Say cheese!

Liam enjoyed his birthday very much, and was plentiful with the thank-you’s and kisses and hugs. He doesn’t seem to care that he’s not getting a big birthday bash like some of his friends have, so I think we’ll save ourselves the time, hassle, and money for as long as we can!