Motorcycles and Munchkins

A few days ago Jesse and Liam spent the better part of the day detailing J’s motorcycle. Washing, waxing, doing all the things guys love to do.

The two guys hard at work cleaning the bike.

While Jesse waxed the motorcycle, Liam got the thrill of a lifetime when he was allowed to “ride” it.

He’s all ready to hit the road.

Today I had my 21 week appointment — yes, that’s right, I’ve now passed the halfway mark and everything continues to progress perfectly. We were able to see so much detail in Harry’s face, right down to the lens in his open eyes. Unfortunately, the detail you can see on the screen never transfers very well to still shots, but we’ve got a couple for you.

Harry in profile. Look at that little turned-up nose! You can also see his hand up close to his face.

He was squiggling all over the place, but this is a shot of one of his feet. Actually, the other foot is just over the other, just slightly pulled back. Again, this was perfect in person, but by the time the doctor pressed the capture button, he was moving again.

So, all continues to progress normally. We’re very happy and looking forward to the coming months.

bits and bobs

Despite the silence from this side of the ocean, all continues to go well for us. I haven’t been in too much of a blogging mood lately. My time, when not spent with Liam, with Jesse, or cleaning (and not much of that), has been spent with my nose buried in a book. We’re investing a lot of time and effort into the figuring out how to homeschool the kids. Luckily, we have a few years to get our act together, but the earlier we’re prepared the better.

For those of you that haven’t gotten the news through the grapevine, the baby’s name will be Harald. Harry for short. Jesse likes it because it recalls his Viking roots (Harald was the first king of Norway; incidentally, the current king is King Harald V); I like it because my grandfather’s name was Harry, and so it has special meaning to me; Liam like it because he knows who we’re REALLY naming the baby after — Harry Potter. So all are content in this house.

Grandma Bonnie sent, at our request, a stethoscope for Liam. Not a toy plastic one, but an honest-to-goodness real stethoscope. Liam gets a kick out of listening to our hearts beat. He’s not so fond of having things stuck in his ears, though, so it will be some time before he starts “playing doctor.”

Speaking of “playing doctor,” Jesse and I purchased some medial equipment of our own. We (meaning mostly I) have been rather anxious about this pregnancy. Once I started feeling Harry move, if I went a day without feeling him, we’d be gripped with worry. So we purchased a home doppler. Surprisingly, this is something you can’t do in the states without a prescription. Luckily, however, we’re not living in the states! We bought it from the UK and it arrived in record time. It took all of two seconds to find a steadily beating heart that first time! What a relief it has provided! Of course, now that we have it, Harry is testing his boundaries and boogying around inside me frequently. Still, I appreciate the reassurances that little device gives.

It’s been beautiful here the last few days, in the high 70s, and today it hit 80. I insisted that Liam wear a hat when he was outside, as his hair is still quite thin and I wanted to protect his scalp. He turned up his nose at the sunhat and the ballcap I offered him. His choice: a nice, toasty warm fireman’s helmet.

We’ve had a wonderful weekend. Tomomrrow Jesse returns to his task of settling in to his new civilian position and Liam and I continue to tackle the alphabet. Hope to keep you updated more often in the future, but no promises!


We’ve decided on a name for the baby. Jesse found it; I approved. Liam whole-heartedly agrees. In fact, we’ve run a few other names past him in the last few days, feeling out how much we really like it, but he’s having none of them. He says, “Ummm, no, I just like ___________.” One name we’ve considered since the beginning was Ian, but we weren’t sure we liked the sing-song-iness of “Liam and Ian.” This was one of the names we ran passed Liam. He said an adamant “No.” When I asked him why, he said it was too much like Liam, and that was his name. Fair enough; if it’s too confusing before we even have a second running around the house, imagine what it would be like when I’m trying to corral both of them at the grocery store or some such thing.

Anyway, we’re all pretty pleased with the name we’ve picked for the baby. What? You thought I was going to tell you? Hah! We’ll let you stew for a little while. Jesse says, “Neener neener boo boo!”

Liam’s got a secret. Go ahead. Ask him. He’s more than happy to tell you what the baby’s name is.