car wash

Today it’s probably 62 degrees out, and the wind has been whipping like you wouldn’t believe. It’s more like fall than the middle of August. Jesse got his kite and we walked into the fields this morning to fly it. Liam got a real charge out of that, although he was a little disappointed that he couldn’t fly it. I took the controls for a minute, but felt like it was going to be ripped out of my hands at any second, so we opted not to let Liam go solo just yet. I may go to the PX and get Liam a kid’s kite, just so he can enjoy it. If it crashes/breaks/rips/gets stuck in a tree, which it inevitably eventually will, we’ll be out ten bucks. Well worth it to see the joy on his face, I think. In retrospect, I wish I’d taken the camera so you could have seen him enjoying the experience.

Instead, you get pictures taken about a week ago, when it was in the eighties and the sun was blaring down. I set up a bucket of soapy water, assorted big yard toys that could stand to have the dust removed, and turned the hose on. Then I got Liam into his swimming trunks (seeing as I HAD to buy them and have never sincebeen able to motivate myself to actually go out and find a public pool), slathered him up with sunscreen, and plopped on his hat. Let the fun begin!

The boots were his idea. Jesse likes Liam to have shoes on his feet all the time, so he doesn’t slip on the tiles in the house. Liam assumes this means outside as well. In fact, I don’t think his feet have touched grass since he could walk. Sad, huh?

The combination of too much light and pasty white body (thanks to the sunscreen I meticulously apply) doesn’t make for the best picture, but I love the joy on his face. Luckily I have the nozzle adjusted to a fine, wide spray that couldn’t possibly reach me. It’ll take him what? 2-3 times of trying to figure out how to adjust it and give me a cold stream right between the eyes.

See you soon!