an old man of 24 days

By the time I get around to writing the birth story, no one will care anymore. The last four or five days have been a little hectic around here. Harry had a fury of a growth spurt, which means he wanted to eat pretty much every waking minute. I had all the typical breastfeeding mom concerns — I don’t have enough milk, He’s too gassy/colicky/fussy, He’s using me as a pacifier. A few spare minutes and access to the internet put my mind at ease and reminded me that this is completely normal for breastfed babies at about the three-week mark. Today he’s “back on track,” whatever that means to a 24-day old baby! He’s sleeping lots, happy in between, and nursing at regular intervals again. We’ve even begun to see little contented smiles peeking out every now and then. And he laughs in his sleep. When he’s not snoring loud enough to wake the dead, that is.

Until I have time to write, here are a few pics of both the boys to keep you content. We know that’s the only reason people come by, anyway!

Harry spends much more time awake these days.

I can already tell that the swing is going to be very useful. Here Harry sleeps while I make supper.

Taken by Gramma B. I’m not sure what Liam was doing, but I love the look on his face!

Liam using his very own camera to take a pic of Harry.


Me and my boys. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

equal time

No birth story just yet. I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle Harry’s needs, Liam’s needs, and my needs. Cooking and cleaning are, for the most part, not my responsibility at the moment. Blogging is, and as you can see I’m just figuring out how to put aside a little time for that here and there. Here are a few pics of the boys to keep you coming back for more til I get around to actually WRITING again. New photos added to this month’s photo page; new photos start on page 5.

Harry wide awake. Gramma B’s been waiting anxiously to get a photo with his eyes open and looking alert, so when Jesse and I took Liam up for bed last time, I left Harry and Bonnie together for this photo shoot.

Earlier in the day, Liam had all his “Cars” cars lined up. I asked him to lean in a little closer so I could get a pic of him with them all.

All tuckered out and asleep on me. Adorable.

All tuckered out and asleep on… the floor. Equally adorable.

I really love my guys.

Happy Birthday, Harry!

The short post:

Harry was born Friday evening (August 31st) after a short labor and REALLY short pushing stage — about fifteen minutes from first push to birth. He weighs in at 8 pounds, 2 1/4 ounces, and is 22 1/2 inches long. We stayed at the midwife’s for the rest of the night, then got cleaned up and have been home since late morning on Saturday. Liam loves his little brother, and is continually saying, “Isn’t Harry wonderful, Mom?!”

The long post will follow in a few days when I catch up on my sleep and feel a little more myself. We are all very happy and content. Here’s a link to some pictures taken in the last few days. These aren’t entirely about Harry. I just posted the lot, so you’ve got a bunch of pictures Liam took — of the floor, the ceiling, a variety of toys in various states of focus… Warning! Warning! There are a few pictures of me scantily attired — taken minutes after birth. Feel free to gouge your eyes out, but you have been warned.

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