another day

You’d think, now that Harry is getting a little older and more interested in his surroundings, that we’d be taking tons of pictures. Not the case. Why? Well, because Jesse is always working and I am always the baby-transporter, and it’s pretty hard to carry the lad AND take pictures. So you get pictures of him asleep, but still cute as can be. When he gets a little better holding his own head up, you might even get to see him with his eyes open.

This has been the sick house for the last few weeks. Jesse started it, although by now I’m sure he’s forgotten all about the two days he spent miserable in bed, and is once again sticking to his mantra “I never get sick.” After him, Liam and Harry got to enjoy a couple days of sickdom. Now I’m just finishing my run. Fun fun fun. However, by today everyone is feeling much better, and except for copious amounts of snot spewing forth from all nostrils, we’re happy once more.

Harry sleeping off his cold. Thank the pharmaceutical company for Benadryl!

Liam in his dazed and somewhat-drugged state.

Today the boys and I got out and about and ran some errands on SHAPE. We had lunch with Jesse — or rather started to have lunch with Jesse. Just as we were digging in, the fire alarm went off and we had to exit the building. After ascertaining there was indeed NO fire, they let us back in the building. However, for reasons unbeknownst to those of us with rational thought processes, no one bothered to turn of the alarm, so we had to the high-pitched alarm going off over our heads the entire time. Harry went into baby-defense mode, aka sleep. Liam got a little weepy at all the noise, and Jesse and I weren’t all that thrilled either, so we ditched the remainders of our lunch and left. Now it’s a perfectly beautiful fall afternoon, when little boys should be running around the yard being little boys. Except my little boy is driving a dump truck around the floor at my feet, JUST AS LOUD AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, and can’t stand the thought of leaving me in peace — I mean, alone. My other little boy is somehow sleeping through yet another cacaphony.

Harry as he looks right this very minute.

Liam as he looked about half an hour ago, when he licked off the rubber spatula after we made a quick bread to go with supper.

early bird

Why does the early bird always get the worm?

Because this is how he spends most of his afternoon!

Harry’s been having some pretty restless nights as of late. Unfortunately, he’s been having a lot of gassy moments lately… the worst of which tend to crop up in the middle of the night. He’s been awake from 4AM to 5:30-6:00 every night for the last few nights. Which means I’ve been awake from 4AM to 5:30-6:00 every night for the last few nights. Which means Jesse has been moving to the spare room from 4AM to 5:30-6:00 every night for the last few nights. We feel pretty badly for the poor boy (and for ourselves), so starting today I’ve eliminated some possible food problems from my diet. He’s also got quite a pimply rash right now, but it’s difficult to say if that’s an allergic reaction-type rash or just your typical baby pimply rash right now. So out goes the soy, and the wheat, most of my favorite vegs, and my favorite protein of all — peanut butter. For my boy, it’s worth it.

(I just want to point out that I did indeed try to get a good photo of Liam to add to this post, to make sure he’s getting equal “blog-time.” However, he found it a great delight to pretend he was going to cooperate and then duck behind the coffee table, or run out the door, etc. etc. etc.) But I do have one shot of Liam with Harry I thought you’d all like to see. In case you’re desperately seeking an orange-ish desktop background to see you through October:

the post of not-quite-perfect pictures

Bonnie returned home late last week, and Jesse went back to work on Monday. That means Liam, Harry, and I have been on our own for the last three days. It’s actually going much smoother than I had anticipated. Liam and I butted heads some today, but overall it’s been an easy transition. Here are some pics from the last couple days.

I seem to be losing my knack for getting good pictures of the kids. Liam, when faced with a camera, will: a) smile so cheezily that his eyes squeeze shut; b) refuse to smile and look so somber you’d think his dog just died; or c) hide. Harry is too young to have developed these responses, but one is never too young to be a “blinker.” Apparently, he likes the flash just about as much as I do, as in the dozen or so pictures I took today while he was wide awake, not once are his eyes. open.

In the mornings my main goal is to get everyone dressed and breakfasted before noon. As time, and temperaments, allow, we’ve been slowly working back into our “school” work.

Here Liam is playing with his linking blocks. He counts them, makes patterns with them, organizes them by color, etc. Contrary to his complete unwillingness to count beyond 3 when “Dodder” was here, today he counted fifteen blocks. I include this picture as both a demonstration of my inability to get a good picture and, more importantly, to point out just how old and grown up Liam is beginning to look.

My attempt at getting a picture of Harry while wearing him in the sling. Isn’t that half of his face just precious?

Harry’s tummy is full and he’s happy, as evidenced by the smile. The first officially recorded smile. Maybe next time I’ll even catch him with his eyes open.

Liam assembled this track himself, bridge and all.

If I can ever catch both boys awake and happy, I’ll attempt to get some photos of them together. Wish me luck!