home sweet home

Thought you would like to know that we put an offer in on a house. We should hear in the next day or two if the owner accepts (although we have been assured that he will, as the agent already spoke with him). Great house, good location, 11 minutes to SHAPE, lots to do in the general vicinity. Only downside is that it is quite small. But that seems to be the norm here — either large, older homes like ours that need some work, or small modern builds. We opted for small, modern, and worry-free.

So now we embark on yet another European adventure — the property market. I’m amazed at how good my French is getting now that I’m really using it for real-life purposes.

Photos of the house can be seen here. Not the best of pics, as they had quite a bit of furniture and didn’t take pics of some of the house’s best qualities. Pics of the PINK bathroom aren’t shown; that’s something we’ll probably rectify before we move in (about 4 months from now, I think). Three bedrooms, 1 bathroom upstairs and a small half bath down.

I’ll leave you to enjoy the pics now, and get back to my poor Harry who is chewing on his fist (and me!) and drooling and fussing and ready for a tooth to break through any day now. I know you’d like to see some shots of the kids, but I’m having trouble with uploading photos. Be patient.