Happy Birthday, Liam-D

at 3 days… for some reason no pics from at the hospital are in my photo albums. Even as I sit here typing with baby #2 curled up sleeping on my shoulder, I can’t believe that Liam was ever this small!

Birthday #1… ahh, yes, the upside-down cake. And already with those killer eyes.

Birthday #2… apparently his opinion of my cake-making abilities has gone up a notch.

Birthday #3… all grown up in jeans and opening his own presents. Note how I cheaped out on the wrapping paper and wrapped his gifts in newspaper.

Birthday #4… so tall and obviously dressing himself. He’s showing off one of his favorite presents — Slinky! Also loved a sword (gulp) from Anna and his magnetic toys and, well, just about everything else he received!

Thanks to all for the gifts and the well-wishes. Liam truly enjoyed his birthday this year. His first words out of bed in the morning were, “It’s my birthday! Now I’m four years old!” He was hyper and excited, but a good boy all day. There were no meltdowns, no temper-tantrum throwing, no demands for more toys We had pizza and cake for supper and he went to bed a very happy and very spent four year old.


Lots going on around here, hence the lack of posts. Heck, who do I think I’m kidding? If I post twice a month it’s a wonder!

House Stuff
The closing got bumped up to the 27th, because one of the family members for the other side couldn’t be there earlier. So this coming Wednesday we’ll be homeowners. Liam will go to his beloved Anna’s, aka his sitter, for a couple hours, rather than have to sit still in a notaire’s office on his birthday. Coincidentally, it’s his sitter’s daughter’s birthday as well, so she’s throwing them a joint birthday party!

The movers come to pack up our belongings on the fifth and sixth, then move us into the new house on the seventh. Pretty quick, eh? We didn’t want to continue paying rent and a mortgage any longer than necessary. It will be a couple months before we’re completely set up, pictures in place et al. But we’ll have the hardest part behind us.

We return the house in Harmignies to our landlord on the 14th. I’m excited to move and to live in our very own house, after so many years of renting, but we’ll miss this place. This is the only home our boys have ever known.

As far as contact info, our telephone numbers will remain the same, as will our APO address. Our Belgian address we’ll release to the select few of you that care to have it.

Boy Stuff
Harry’s face is no better, no worse. Just when I think it’s clearing up, he starts scratching at it and it’s inflamed once more. But he’s a happy, giggling boy nonetheless. I just moved him into 6-9 month clothing — just like Liam, his legs are outgrowing his clothing far before he reaches the weight requirements. FYI, Grandmas — when Liam was in 9-12 month sizes, it was winter. For Harry it will be the height of summer, so keep your eyes open for garage sales selling boys t-shirts, rompers, or short-sleeved onesies in that size.

Liam’s pretty excited about his upcoming birthday. He “gets it” this year, and is probably expecting much more of an event than Jesse and I are planning to make of it. Luckily, the party at Anna’s takes some of the pressure off of us. I’m making him a cake and he’ll get a few presents from us and the grandparents. And a house. Come on, what more could you ask for?

That’s about it. The house is in a state of controlled-chaos, as we try to get ready for the move. Liam wants to say goodbye. What, you want pictures? Well, I’m working on the wrong computer to give you that. I’ll try and post some pics in the next day or two, but don’t expect any commentary. I’m a busy mom.

Liam says:

guusuu9e89898t9toiori9tiuyloilo ul7ol7ol lu okiui7o9i9 i ioi7yi97uioyi68yyiyuyiuyi7i66uii7yi7iui

We close on the house February 21st! I’m looking forward to getting back in the house and getting our own photos for you all. I also want to get a better look at the yard. Liam and I are planning to have a small garden — he and I have been looking at seed catalogs online today. It was raining the day we toured the house, and couldn’t have gotten into the garden shed/vegetable garden area anyway, on account of the own having a rottweiler back there to “protect” herself and her property. She was deathly afraid of the dog, but he was there to “protect” her. Amazing. I think the neighbors will be happy to see Meisje’s friendly smile instead. Hopefully we’ll be in by the middle of March, and be able to return this house to the landlord.

Harry’s eczema is no better, so I’ve got another appointment at the clinic for him. Hopefully we’ll be able to find him some relief. Lately I’ve been finding blood on his bibs, from where he’s dug at his face. It looks worse on the bib than the cut is in reality, but I really feel for him. The hypoallergenic cream they gave me for his face, Vanicream, actually seems to irritate the condition worse, so I’ve been using vaseline to keep the moisture sealed in. We’ll see what they say and let you know.

Liam’s doing well: we’ve had a few really hard days, where his need to debate and exert his independence and plain old piss us off butts head with our need for a calm, obedient child. Other times, like all day yesterday and today, he’s so good and sweet and helpful you’d forgive him anything. He’s a good boy, just having typical four year old growing pains.

Best way to get a picture of Liam? Say you want to get a picture of Harry. Guaranteed he’ll be right in there, mugging for the camera.

Harry’s now rolling front to back, back to front, and spending much more time on his belly learning there’s more to the world than just what’s over my left shoulder.

Liam wanted his own private photo shoot, too.

Last night we introduced Harry to the jumper; it took him all of five minutes to figure it out. I see many fun-filled hours of play in his future and some blissful rest for my arms. Liam’s very taken with the jumper and a little miffed that we insist he not use it as a pinata/bungee cord.

Caught in mid-jump.

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