Scotland 2008, in brief

I had hoped to get a post up quickly after returning from our trip, detailing the visit for you all. But you know what they say about best laid plans…. Lots waiting for us when we returned, and somehow nearly a week’s gone by and I have hardly touched the computer. So I decided to grab a free hour tonight and at least post some photos for you. Honestly, we didn’t take many pictures. If you want to see touristy things, check our posts from September 2006 and 2005. This time it was all about relaxing and being a family. We have some funny stories, which will probably show up along the way. But most of all it was a quiet time.

Sorry, but I just love this picture of Harry. Doesn’t he look like he’s had one too many beers, and is feeling no pain? Except his happy drunken state isn’t due to alcohol, but to the sheer bliss of having emptied the entire box of Legos.

Liam’s entire reason for going to Scotland was to visit his friend, Kerr. It’s all he could talk about for weeks leading up to the trip, and a frequent topic now. I think this picture captures both boys’ joy at being together with an “old friend.” And, who knew that an old, run down boat could provide hours of fun?

Harry being cheeky, sitting on one of the “luxurious” couches in the cottage.

My boys together. Doesn’t Liam have a great smile when he’s not being a ham?

Standing at Eilean Donan Castle, looking out over the Loch Duich… in the distance is the Isle of Skye. Click on the link to find out more about the castle and to see far better pictures than we got of this beautiful place. We had planned to go to Skye, but it took two hours to get this close, and we couldn’t see putting Harry through that much more driving. Another year and we’ll stay on Skye and take in all it has to offer.

We went geocaching one day. Here’s Liam with the first cache he ever found. He calls it treasure hunting. In the background is Loch Tarff, and Harry and me standing on the roadside. Don’t feel sorry for Liam’s poor wee legs though; Jesse carried him most of the way, as the terrain was in turn marshy and hilly.

On the shore of Loch Tarff. Liam’s holding his plunder from the treasure hunt, a rubber snake. Great, just what I always wanted. Also, note that this is one of the few pictures you’ll see of me on the blog. Because I like my smile in this one.

Liam being a four year old boy. Note the other “luxurious” couch in the cottage. Watch your head — the back is nothing more than a wood frame, as we each came to realize on separate occasions.

Back home, Harry being his happy little self in the yard.

Liam whirling his propellers. They are actually “missiles” from an outdoor playset he has, but in his mind, they’re propellers. The camera doesn’t capture it, but he’s twisting them just as fast as he can move.

So that’s it for now. More on the trip when we get caught up with the rest of life.


What? You thought we were on vacation, because I haven’t posted in over two weeks? No, we’re going on vacation as of today. So I won’t be posting for two weeks. Sorry for the confusion. See you when we get back from Fort Augustus…. unless Nessie gets us, that is.