It's Godzilla!!!

A giant, drooling monster has just crashed his way through the train station, destroying tracks and leaving heaps of rubble in his path. Look at the gleam in his eye. This creature will show no mercy, his destructiveness knows no bounds!!!

Happy Birthday, Paige

Today my beautiful, brilliant (insert multiple other superlatives here) niece Paige turns sweet sixteen. I’d wax eloquent here with humorous memories, but rather than risk embarrassing her I’ll simply say Happy Birthday! My one regret in living so far away is that I have not been around to see my nieces grow up. In my mind they are still little girls; in reality they are both young women now.

Instead of posting a picture of Paige, as I don’t have her permission to do so, I’ll post a pic of Liam wishing Paige a happy birthday. He made this picture with his pattern blocks.


Please ignore the cobwebs in which he’s crawling (this is under the fireplace, so give me a break), and feast your eyes on my chubby-cheeked bundle of ten-and-a-half month cuteness.

So…. all about Harry…. well…

He’s on the move, as you can see. He’s still commando crawling, but he’s moving so fast I’m beginning to doubt he’ll ever crawl *normally*, whatever that means. Why learn a new trick when it won’t be any faster than the old one? He’s also going from sit to crawl to sit, and he’s climbing up on everything. Sometimes I just turn my back. The worrywart in me wants to rush over and be there in case he falls (or better yet, swaddle him so that he can’t move), but the reality is he’s got to learn to do these things — and I’d never get there in time to save him anyway. If you can find a football helmet in baby-size, feel free to advise.

Harry’s still nursing on demand, which works out to be about four or five times during the day, and then once during the early morning hours — usually around 4AM. He’s eating like a fiend… when he chooses to. Right now he’s on a finger-food kick. It has to be something pretty damn good to get him to eat off a spoon. Creamy cereals are out for breakfast, cheerios and bite-sized fruit are in. Things he loves:

    egg salad
    rye bread
    pasta with pesto
    pasta with cheese
    pasta tomato sauce and sneaky veggies

Things Harry hates:

    pretty much anything other than yogurt or pasta that comes on a spoon

Usually Harry is a very happy little boy. Sometimes he can be just plain pissy and not want to be put down, but with a little ingenuity (and bribing Liam to play with him for a couple minutes) he’ll play quite contentedly while I take care of business around the house. His favorite plaything at the moment is the wine rack. He’s adjusted quite well to having a regular nap time and bed time, and rarely cries for more than a minute or two when I put him down to sleep. Harry loves to mimic you — he’ll grunt when you grunt, shake his head when you do, and most recently has begun *singing* into one of Liam’s microphones if we sing first. He’s a typical boy — he eschews the baby toys for Liam’s matchbox cars.

One last thing: today Harry launched himself over to the wine rack. Just as he reached for a bottle, I said “Harry,” in that kind of warning voice that all mom’s have. He turned to look at me, shook his head as if to say “no no no,” and turned back to trying to destroy one of our best bottles of wine!