a new look

A new look for the blog, seeing as autumn is upon us. The font is a little small; I’ll see what I can do about making it a little more readable. And yes, I know the calendar needs work. Still, Liam picked it out — enjoy!

edited to add: I fixed the calendar by getting rid of it!

a letter to Dodder

Dear Dodder,

Thank you, Dodder, for the package. I liked the motorboat and I want to say it doesn’t work very well. But I still like it anyway. I like the fish and Cars cars, they work very well. Thank you, Dodder, for all the books. The one I like best is my Spiderman book! You sent a lot of clothes! The one I like best is the red jacket. Mom says it’s not mine but it is so. I tried it on. I like the T-Rex shirt very much.

(Liam in his T-Rex shirt)

I will send you another piece of money later. Thank you for my bugs book. Dodder, Dodder, dear Dodder, I wish you could come more often. Please may you come more often. I’m really excited that you’re coming and I’m really happy that I get to go to school. You can play the game you like to play when I hear the bell, Dodder. Thank you for all my books. You know, we have a brand new printer hooked up. Did you know we have a new I-Pod set up?

We’ll pick you up at the airport soon but not today, some day when you come. You’re coming on Thursday, right? I love you, Dodder, very much. I wish you could know that I have a new WALL-E backpack filled with lots of stuff for school.

Your loving grandson,


(all Liam’s wording — I’m not sure what that bit about money is about, but he said it, so I typed it. You’re not taking bribes, are you, Dodder?)

In other news, Harry spends more time on his feet cruising around the house, clutching the furniture, than he spends on his hands and knees now. Not that you’d know it from the pictures I get. That’s because the second he spots a camera in my hands, he lowers himself to the floor and launches himself at me. I only get a second or so to try and compose a shot with a good expression, and then he’s trying to climb up me to get the camera.

Liam lounging around, waiting for his Dodder to get here and for school to start to relieve his constant boredom.

boys and their toys

I love that Harry’s old enough for the boys to actually play together. Today, while cleaning out the garage, Liam found a box with some of his old toys. He brought a couple trucks inside to share with Harry. Here are some candids to share with you. They’re blurry, and Harry’s got chocolate and drool on his shirt, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing the boys.

Harry’s quite enticed with the “big boy” toys, and is desperate to play with whichever truck Liam is playing with at that particular moment.

I don’t know that I would have been so cheery at the game of “keep away” that commenced, but Harry seemed to enjoy it.

As my folks know, sometimes it’s very hard to get a shot of Liam in which he’s actually smiling. I had to fool him to get this one by pretending Jesse had brought something really exciting into the house. Liam whirled around to see, and voila! a good expression.