lessons my one year old has taught me

Lesson #1: There is no need to spend 40 bucks on a walker when there are perfectly good kitchen chairs around.

Lesson #2: When you’re previously obnoxious, clingy child suddenly gives you five uninterrupted minutes to yourself, you probably need to look into it.

Lesson #3: Keep your cornmeal in an upper cupboard.

photos and not much else

Liam reads while Harry lurks.

Harry laughing hilariously at something I’ve done. Who knew I was such a comedienne?

Liam looking FAR too grown up to be only four.

King of the Breakfast Table. (disregard the totally nasty, stained bib.)

Harry asking for more pasta. Not sure who the old woman is.

Happy Birthday, Harry Bear! Ummm, you have to open it…

No, not push it around and use it as a walker. OPEN IT.

All toys must be tasted first to ensure they meet Harry’s gourmet standards.

He’s absolutely fascinated by the spinning top. So is Liam.

Oops, forgot to taste this one. Hang on a sec…

Put the camera away, Grandma Bonnie. I’ve had enough. I am NOT a trained monkey!