Catching Up

So…ummmm… October 25th… yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve been motivated to update the blog. The three people that still bother to check for updates know that we’re alive and well, but I’ll fill in a few blanks. Obviously I’ve updated the blog’s theme: let me know if you have any problems viewing anything. The links across the top aren’t updated yet. I decided I’d better put some content up first!

relaxing with Liam on the couch…

Harry — still not quite walking, although he could do it if he wanted to. I expect one of these days he’s going to realize his knees will stay much warmer if he walks, rather than crawls, across the tile floor. He’s got a few words — Dada, Mama, (ba)nana, sha-sha (that means “love you” in this house), ball, and do-ggggr (dog). He’s also using some signs to communicate with us — eat, more, please, thank you, milk, grapes, and hot. He’s such a great little guy with a wonderful personality. He absolutely loves watching Disney’s Fantasia — the Beethoven’s Pastorale is the cure for all ills in his little world. Other loves: cottage cheese, his big brother, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and all the ladies that flirt with him at Liam’s school.

by day, Fireman Harry. By night, carpenter-extraordinaire.

Liam — loving school, learning French with amazing speed. His teacher says he’s really catching on to the French. He loves playing with the other kids at school, although he has a soft heart that is bruised easily sometimes. If someone doesn’t want to play with him, he’s lost that friend forever. That kind of thing. The work seems to come quite easily to him, as of course we all know he’s a genius. He’s developed a real love of drawing and writing, and we’re of course trying to encourage that. Some of his spelling is quite inventive, but he gets his point across!

Liam is NOT tired…


Me — ehh, same old, same old. I love my boys and my husband. And they drive me up the wall. All in the span of an hour, repeated 24 times a day. I’ve made some good friends with the moms of some of Liam’s classmates, and I’m amazed at how big of a difference a little female companionship can make.

Liam playing in the first real snowfall we’ve seen in some time.

Jesse — loves his job, loves his kids, loves his dog. Pretty sure he’s happy with me, too!

Harry setting the potatoes free. He was even hugging them…

Recently we’ve had a chain of problems around here. It seems that once they start, they never stop. First there was a slow coolant leak in the car. We took it in to the garage — turned out to be the head gasket. The car was in the garage for three days. On day two, we woke up to no heat and had to call an emergency repairman. A ten minute fix cost of $$$. Got the car back (more $$$$), and Jesse left a few days later for some training in the UK. The day he left we lost phone service. It took I believe around three hours of getting passed around and hung up on in three different languages before I finally got through to someone at the phone company that could help. A week later, we had a flat tire. Please please please let this be over!

Liam in the shirt he picked out on a special day out with me.

Jesse’s done with work for the remainder of 2008. We’ll spend the next week around the house, and we leave for the Riviera next Saturday!

Portrait of the artist as a young boy.

Harry the ever-drooling bandit.