Paris in the springtime

Last weekend we took the kids to Paris for two days. Liam absolutely loved it! We walked all over the city, rather than taking the metro. We stayed in a wonderful hotel, surely the largest hotel room in all of Paris, between Luxembourg Gardens and the Pantheon. The kids got to play in the gardens, we were in awe of all the beautiful buildings; we walked the Champs-Elysees and the Seine. The highlight of the trip was seeing the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately the line was an hour or two long, so Liam wisely opted to save the actual climb for next trip (June, maybe?) and enjoyed an ice cream at the base of the tower instead.

It was a beautiful trip, great weather, and the kids were wonderful. Harry hardly slept at all while we were there, but he was so intrigued by all that was going on around him he never sank into cranky toddler land. I’d love to show you dozens and dozens of photos. Unfortunately, our camera went berserk while we were there (old rechargeable batteries, perhaps?) and we only got a handful of shots. Still, for your perusal:

changing it up

Yet another blog theme. I think this one will be around for a while. The latest, whilst I liked it, was quite slow to load and Jesse detested it. Any feedback on this one? I realize there are some blank boxes in the sidebar. Be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this site.

I have the cutest, most wonderful kids in the world. I submit evidence items A and B to support my claim:

I’d love to stay and chat, but Liam is asking me to please come cuddle on the couch while he watches Iron Man. Ummm, isn’t that a little oxymoron-ic?

Happy Birthday, Liam Dee

We celebrated Liam’s 5th birthday this Friday. We kept the day nice and simple, which seemed to suit all of us nicely. Liam opened his presents right after breakfast. Mostly K’NEX and Legos, as he’s really into “inventing” things right now, and a few odds and ends. All were greatly appreciated, but he LOVES his space shuttle/rocket/alien ship from the grandparents! We were wise to save that for the last present to open, or he wouldn’t even have bothered. He played with these things ALL DAY LONG on his birthday. I mean all day. No television, no Mama-please-read-me-a-book, nothing. I had to agree that his shuttle could stay at the table just to get him to eat lunch. It’s day three and he’s yet to ask to get his legos out or to watch his new movie. But I’ve had to be the mean old alien chasing the shuttle and be blasted by photon torpedoes about fifty times.

The grandparents are visiting family in Florida, so I’m not sure they’ll check in to read this any time soon. But when you do, Gramma and Pa, Liam says that was the BEST PRESENT EVER.

A few pics from the day:

Oh, one last highlight from the day. Liam’s wish when he blew out his candles? Another baby brother so he could have two little brothers. Ummmm…. it would have been easier if he’d wished for a pony!