Liam’s Lego Creations

A few weeks ago, Harry figured out that he could climb out of his crib if he really wanted to. So a few weeks ago, we decided to move him into the bottom bunk in Liam’s room. The two boys now share, and it’s working out better than we could have expected. They both seem to enjoy being in the room together, and both are sleeping better than they ever did in separate rooms.

So what to do with the extra room? Turn it into a guest room? Ummm, no, although we’ll probably get a roll-away bed before guests next come to visit, and you’ll get stuck in the new…


That’s right, a place for everything, and everything in its place. My living room is no longer (quite as) cluttered with toys as it used to be. The kids have a place to play and have as just “theirs”. We’re all liking the arrangement. Especially Liam:

Liam has dubbed this portion of the room his “office”, and he works on Lego creations — every day.

This most recent, a creepy crawly spider with moving legs and an abdomen that moves up and down, is his latest. He followed the directions, all 37 steps, and made this entirely himself.

It was a snap!

our new bathtub

Ready for it?

As excited as I am?

Here you go!!!


OK, so technically we do have a bath upstairs now, we are not allowed to use it. I KNOW! Trust me, I KNOW. It’s only the shell of a tub. We have to wait four to six weeks for the casing and the shower door to come in. We have to wait a few days to use even the shell of the tub, because the cement is still setting. Apparently, tub installation is done much differently here than in the states. Who knew? Not us, apparently. If I’d known, I sure as hell wouldn’t have planned to have a new tub/shower installed during the summer.

Twenty four hours from now, we can finally start using it. I’m FIRST!

out for a walk

Today, the kids and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a long walk. Here are some shots for you.

Liam takes time out to swing on a stop sign.

Walking along the canal on a beautiful summer day.

Harry’s enjoying the ride.

Doesn’t he look laid back and cool.

Later at home, Harry peruses the store ads.

That’s all for now. Yes, I know, some stuff on the page doesn’t work. I’m working on it! Thanks for stopping by!

why Jesse's eye is twitching right now

So, today the contractor came to install the new tub. Wanna see?


Yeah. Apparently, the tub is the wrong dimensions for the area. We’re not sure how that happened, as we measured meticulously, and we took the measurements to the store with us when ordering the tub, AND the contractor was out and did a survey of the site, knowing what we were putting in. We have an appointment with the contractor and the store TUESDAY to ORDER a new tub that will fit.

Oh, one more thing. It’s almost July. The height of summer is still to come. And we’re going to be washing up in the sink for at least a few weeks would be my guess.



just some pics

Did you stop by for a dose of my witty repartee? Sorry, you’re out of luck. Come back in a week or two.

What’s that? You don’t come by to read what I have to say? You just want pictures of the kids? Oh, well in that case, here you go!


Harry enjoying the garden.


I cannot keep him off the thing. Like father, like son, like son.


Cleaning up after a haircut. Note the artful placement of the bath toy in his hands. He’s a pro already!

Clambering up over the back of the chair to watch a self-loading truck directly outside the window.

Liam practicing expressions. This one is fierce…




Bye! Come back another day when Mom has something to say and better pictures to post!

beauty and the beast

The Beauty — some roses from my garden. Trust me, I am NO gardener. Yet they just keep coming.



The Beast — Harry found Liam’s forgotten pot of yogurt.



Boys will be boys, eh?

a grand day out

Yesterday we celebrated my upcoming birthday. Dinner and a movie? Nah. Something WAY better. The guys took me on a tour around Europe. We visited important buildings and monuments from Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland…. Yes, we were absolutely exhausted by the time we finally got home.

Okay, so we went to Mini Europe, but it was still a wonderful day. Mini Europe has incredibly real models of some of Europe’s most noteworthy sites — from Brussels’ Grand Place to London’s Big Ben, from Paris’ Eifel Tower to Greece’s Acropolis. And many, many others. Many we knew, many we didn’t. I’ll be reading up on my European history and important sites, and we’ll go back in a few months. It was a great day!


First, we took the train to Brussels.

First class. That way it isn’t too crowded. Also, most other first class passengers go to other cars when they see we’ve got kids. Thatta boy, Harry!

Yes, we are full of class.

We did A LOT of this during the day! Everything was amazing.

Jesse gets in touch with his Viking roots. I think he was born in the wrong century. Really. I can very easily see him as a marauding and pillaging Viking.

Liam’s got to work on the scowl and the sneer.

Look, kids. Big Ben, Parliament.

Liam jumps for joy at being back in Paris, at his beloved Eifel Tower.

Jesse told him he looked like a giant next to the Arc de Triomphe. Hence the pose.

Keeping the Tower of Pisa from falling over.

More pics in another post to follow. It was a great day. We followed up with a trip to a great Italian restaurant — probably the best we’ve eaten at outside Italy — and a great train ride home. Thanks for the birthday present, guys. It was indeed a grand day out!