catching up on the week

We’re having a rather quiet summer here, not much to report or blog home about.  Jesse’s course finished, and although it wasn’t tailored to him and his needs, he did get quite a lot out of it.  We’ve picked up some fabulous French workbooks and are plowing through them, each at our own pace.  I think by winter I’ll find a couple conversation groups, and we’ll each take an evening out with others to work on our French.

The boys are both doing well, although Harry seems to be hitting the *terrible* twos with a vengeance.  His favorite word is *no*, he has little patience, and gets extremely frustrated when not allowed to do what he wants.  All typical for the age.  We’ve tread this path before.  He’s also taken to getting up at the crack of dawn.  Sometimes earlier.  This makes for one very tired Mama.  As for Liam, it seems he’s changing more than anyone at the moment.  He’s tall and lanky, outgrowing all his long-legged pyjamas.  He’s starting to really read.  Not just two or three letter words, but really read.  We have some easy readers Gramma Bonnie gave him years ago, and he can read 90% of what is on the page.  Of course, the stories are familiar, so some words are coming more from context than actual print, but he’s definitely progressing very quickly.  And his Lego skills are out of this world.  Right now he’s working on his newest kit – a coast guard ship and lighthouse.  No assistance required.  I love these afternoons.  He’s completely engrossed in what he’s doing, following directions, and NOT telling me how bored he is!


Safety first!  Harry loves to play on the motorcycle.  This time, he asked me for his *hemmet*, put it on his head, and climbed up on the bike.  “Broom!  Broom!” he says!


Here’s Liam with one of his most recent creations — a rocket at take off!  In the first photo he’s demonstrating what’s going to happen at takeoff.



Let’s call this one “boy in makeshift boat.”  Please ignore the pile of dirty laundry.  It had to go somewhere!


And let’s call this one “equal time!”

what have we been up to?


Liam built a handheld catapult for a recent homeschooling challenge…


…and proceeded to shoot raisins all over the house with it!


Harry eats Cheerios with a certain flair, don’t you think?


The boys enjoy a jam session in the yard.


Harry’s train obsession continues.


Liam and another homeschool challenge, this time to build a waterwheel.  This one works, but becomes quickly becomes a soggy mess.


This one, however, can’t be stopped!


A day out in Mons.  My the traffic cones sure are big here!


A visit to the local natural history museum.


Harry’s first excursion into the (non-eating) world of playdough.


Liam’s latest engineering feat, a hovercraft.

And that’s what we’ve been up to lately!