catch up post #4 — Liam’s photos

This year Liam went to Scotland armed with a camera.  He got a lot of pictures of the coffee table, and his shoes, et al.  But he also got a few really nice shots.  Here are the cream of the crop!

catch up post #3 — around Fort Augustus

Most of the time we spent relaxing in and around Fort Augustus.  As always, we wish we’d taken more photos.  I wish I had some better pictures of our cottage from the outside, so you could see the whole thing, as it was beautiful.  Guess we were too busy enjoying ourselves most of the time to lug out the camera!

catch up post #2 — Jacobite Steam Train trip

On Wednesday the second came the highlight of Harry’s trip to the Highlands — we took the steam train from Fort William to Mallaig on the coast.  The chugga chugga noise was at times incredibly loud!!  Not the soothing background noise you might expect from watching too many movies.  A great time was had by all.  And the view!

Warning: there are many near-duplicates posted here.  We had better seats for taking pictures of the viaduct and the sea than the people across the aisle, and we promised we post them to share.  Since they put up with out at times fractious youngsters, I’m more than willing to oblige!

catch up post #1 — Harry’s Birthday in Scotland

Sorry for the delay in getting photos up and detailing the trip.  It’s been a hectic week, what with unpacking, catching up on laundry, taking care of lots of house business, and getting school underway.

We drove all day long to get from Hull to Fort Augustus on Saturday.  We had expected the trip to be long — 7 hours, we supposed?  Not even close.  It took us ELEVEN hours, people.  Eleven hours.  With a two year old.  In a car.  All I can say is portable DVD players, which I used to scorn and detest, do have their uses!

Harry’s birthday was Monday.  We kept it low key, but it was perfect.