Liam’s had this last week off from school.  We chose to do NOTHING.  We’ve all been sick at some point over the last few weeks (it’s currently my turn) and simply preferred to stay home and stay cozy.  The boys, they have been inseparable the whole week.

If you blow up the pics, especially the first, you can see the battle scars from Harry’s latest daredevil attempt.  The scab has finally come off his eyelid, so he’s looking much better these days.  Must mean his newest adventure is just around the corner.

Monday I have an appointment at the clinic with Harry for his….wait for it…. first school physical.  Yes, he’s now officially old enough to go to the local preschool.  Judging by the way he fights me when I try to get him to leave the school after dropping Liam off, I think he’ll enjoy the experience.  He’ll be starting in March, and going mornings only.

no excuses – just photos!

Woefully out of date, I know.  Here are some shots to catch you up with the kids again!

Still to come, photos from Harry’s latest battle.  He looks like he was in a fist fight, but he was alone in his bedroom at the time so that can’t be it.  I think he was trying to climb the ladder on the bunkbed and slipped in his footed pajamas.  But it’s anyone’s guess, really.  Anyone care to wager how many times we’ll be in the emergency room with him and broken bones?