more random shots from months gone by

And a few more shots, just to warm the cockles of the grandparents’ hearts. These were taken on my iPhone, so the quality isn’t always all that great.


June 4th - Liam accompanied me on a 4 mile power walk. It was HOT. All smiles at the starting line...

a pile of sweat at the finish.

June 16th - Harry got himself stuck on the window ledge, in the sink, in the garage.

how did that get in there?

June 24th - Harry took a fall on the concrete in the school's playground, minutes before the start of the day. It looked like this ten minutes later. Four days later, it's green.

today! - school trip to Pairi Daiza - boys with a statue in the Chinese gardens.

the intrepid explorers investigating a *cave*

and then they took a well-deserved break from the 90 degree heat.

Sorry, no more pictures from the visit to the park today. Shortly after the above rest stop, Harry’s legs ceased functioning and he needed to be carried. Everywhere. In 90 degree heat. I think it’s obvious we headed home less than an hour later. And also? My hands were too full to wield a camera 🙂

Stay tuned! Liam has requested an excursion to a boat lift for his end of the school year celebration, so barring disaster – like dropping the camera overboard – I should have some more photos for you soon!

Fete Scolaire!

OK, so this took place back on May 28th. And I’ve been very remiss in getting the photos uploaded, as someone (ahem Jesse) has pointed out to me multiple times. Summer is nearly upon us – the boys only have 3 days of school left – and I’m going to *try* and do a much better job of documenting the fun we have. But without further ado, I give you some of my favorite photos from the boys’ school festival. You should know, it was miserable hot that day and the event stretched on FOREVER. Next year, I will go and Jesse will stay home, coming to pick up Harry when his part is done. Little kids + heat + hours and hours of sitting = bad combination. And let’s not even talk about how miserable Jesse was. Crowds and heat are a bad combination for him, too.

the scene is set for the first act, Harry's class

yes, he pretty much wore that same expression on his face the WHOLE time!


until he spotted me in the crowd, that is 🙂

all smiles at the maternelle's grand finale

why are they wearing garbage bags? I don't know. it must be *art*

Liam's more concerned about the plants than the crowd

Liam's class did a 2nd number - last minute instructions from his Madame

a nice wave and smile

his first documented dance with a girl