new glasses

Harry got new glasses this last week, a slightly stronger prescription. He loves his new glasses! The inside, the part he sees when putting them on, is green. Which, of course, is the best color ever.




We are all extremely excited about the green-ness, as you can tell.

a day on the canal

Ahhh, ’twas to be a magical day. Liam had requested, as an end of school year celebration, a trip to one of the boatlifts on one of the many canals in our region. But every time we would arrive, there would be something standing in our way. The first time, the boat had been cancelled and we’d have to stand around for a couple hours waiting for the next one. With two kids with attention spans of…. two kids? Not likely. The next time,the boat was running but all places had been sold. Again, we could wait around for a couple hours. I think not.

We should have taken this as a sign.

But no, I wanted to give Liam what he had requested. They have special events on the canals, about once a month, in which you can travel by boat up and down the canal for a special, all-afternoon excursion. Up some locks, down others. Beautiful scenery, interesting architecture and mechanics – it was supposed to be a fantastic day out!

Except that it rained. And five hours, sitting inside a barge whose windows are too high for the kids to see out of? Just didn’t have the same magical appeal. Within 30 minutes Harry was asking to go home. Liam spent most of the time sighing and/or playing Angry Birds on Jesse’s phone.

Liam at the beginning of our trip

Harry in the beginning

15 minutes in

Jesse looking earnest... and grey

I think this photo sums up how we were ALL feeling after about an hour

after about an hour, Dad came through and made the day bearable

It was an interesting thing to do. I would do it again, if I could be guaranteed good weather so I could sit out and enjoy the weather and the scenery, and really see what was happening when we went through the locks. I would also hire a sitter 🙂

it stopped raining about fifteen minutes before the end of the tour


As per my usual, I’ve fallen behind on updating the blog. Expect a few rapid-fire posts to hit the internets today.

On August 7th we went to Archeosite, an open-air, living museum that aims to recreate prehistoric, proto-historic, and Gallo-Roman life in this region. I should have had my camera out taking far more pictures. Instead I was too busy enjoying myself, chasing after kids, and trying to read signs when the kids were standing still. Next year I think we’ll get a membership to this site and go often – it was really informative and fun, and just a nice day out in nature with the family.



the approach to the Gallo-Roman villa

Harry spent every free minute discoursing with the fishies

grape vines surrounding the gardens at the villa

inside the villa

Jesse was enthralled with these shoes on one of the period-actors

J explaining one of the artisans crafts to Liam

Like I said, not nearly enough photos to do the day or the site justice. There was a nice walk through the woods around a small lake, a small village setup, farms, authentic early houses… I can’t wait to go back!