he’s a smooth criminal

I came in from doing the laundry to find a lone marker cap on the table. That, and this:

Very suspicious. I glanced around the room, and found this incriminating image:

building my case:

like all criminals, he tries the hand in front of the face to protect his identity:

knowing he’s been caught, he throws his hands up over his head in a gesture of defiance submission.

Is it just me, or does he not look terribly recalcitrant?

Note: he also covered the bottom of his foot.

Another note: I probably wouldn’t have found this so humorous and taken the time to snap photos and write a blog post if I’d found the drawing not the wall first.


the great pumpkin

There was a Fête de Potiron at school for the maternelle classes. Harry had a wonderful time! And came home absolutely knackered.


A close of of the face painting. This is FORESHADOWING, people!

Ahh, so sweet. So…. innocent? Don’t buy it 🙂