early July pics

hamming it up at the playground.


Harry playing at the park in Mons

together at Madame Muriel’s.

He’s an old man

getting some help from Dad

Liam’s amazed at Harry’s mad skills.

so, so close!

last day of school and first days of summer

Photographic evidence that we are, in fact, all still alive! So far it hasn’t been much of a summer. Cold and rainy, lots of indoor time, no exciting trips or events as of yet.

Harry, walking home from the last day of school.

Jesse and Harry, making the last trek home from school of the year.

Me, leaving for a run on one of the few warm days we’ve had.

Liam with his bulletin, aka report card. He’s now officially a third grader!

The last couple weeks the boys have been busy with stages – very popular activities over here akin to day camps. The first week they were together in a small group setting and had a fab time together. The second week Liam was in an artsy type stage and Harry was doing his first bicycle stage! He’s not quite there yet, but he is so close to being able to ride on his own! Hoping to get lots of practice time in this next week in between the rain clouds.

Next week our schedule is a little more relaxed – the boys will be home with me, probably driving me each other crazy. Every day on the lunch hour they’ll have swim lessons. I’m determined that this is the year!