Farmer Ohlsson

A week ago, we were at a flea market and saw a great toy tractor — unfortunately, it was a hot item and had already sold. Liam was so desperate for his own tra-ta that I did a little investigating. We found a John Deere outlet in Belgium, where they just happen have kids’ pedal tractors as well. So last Monday we made the hour trip and gave Liam the greatest thrill of his little life: about half an hour wandering in the John Deere showroom, getting up close and personal with the biggest, best, and newest offerings to the farming community. I must say, the combine-harvester in that room was monstrous! I think Liam would have been happiest if we’d bought a real tractor for him, or at least brought a sleeping bag so he could have spent one night in the hallowed hall. Instead, we brought home a Liam-sized pedal tractor.

He loved watching Jesse put it together, and couldn’t wait to try it out! Here’s a pic of him inspecting the new purchase. Unfortunately, once he climbed onto it things went a little down hill. Turns out he’s about an inch too short to really be able to use the pedals. So most of the pics from this first day show him with a frustrated frown/whimper on his face. I’ve chosen not to post those.

This shows Liam outside with his new tractor. He is just climbing into the “sheet,” which sounds surprisingly like the French would pronounce sh–, well, nevermind.

Note the rope threaded through the front of the tractor. That has been our saving grace, and has once again turned the tractor into a fantastic toy, and not the precursor to tantrums it temmporarily was. We can tow him around the yard while he steers. Hopefully by the end of the summer he’ll be tall enough to do the pedal work himself.

Liam is cranking the steering whell “hard left.” It was quite amazing to us to learn that he knows his left from his right. Will this child genius ever stop?

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  1. Very cool; put the lad to work. He’ll be plowing up the north forty before you know it. Send him over to help “Pa”

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