Meal Plan January 30th

Thus begins our first official week of our gluten-free experiment. J and I have been gf since Saturday. Why? I think gluten, or at the very least an issue with wheat, might be the source of some of J’s… intestinal issues. He’s not convinced, but he’s willing to go along with 3-4 weeks of gluten-free eating. Especially since I’m the one that cooks and he has very little say in the matter.

So these last few days I’ve been scouring the internets, looks for recipes and suggestions and info. And inevitably found the world of gluten-free blogging. Anything you want to know about, I swear there’s a blogging community built around it. How lucky for me!

Celiac Family hosts a weekly Gluten-Free Menu Swap, and I thought I’d join in. What better way to learn than to just dive in? I’m hoping to find lots of inspiration for menus further down the road, as well as some camerades who have been there/done that.

On this week’s plan:

  • Monday – leftover Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew (minus the barley) with homemade corn tortillas.
  • Tuesday – Three Bean Chili served over rice.
  • Wednesday – Split Pea Soup and attempt number two on gluten-free corn muffins.
  • Thursday – leftovers
  • Friday – Pasta Night! This will be our first gluten-free pasta attempt. Making MamaPea’s sauce and lentil meatballs to accompany it.
  • Saturday – Fifteen Bean Soup, most likely served over rice or with homemade corn tortillas.
  • Sunday – usually pizza night in our house, but I’m not quite ready to start experimenting with multiple flours and the like. Let’s go with hommade baked beans, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.
Most everything here is a tried-and-true family favorite, with simple little changes – like gf pasta in place of regular, or corn tortillas instead of muffins for accompaniment. I know I’ll need to expand my repertoire if this becomes a lifestyle for us, but for this first week at least I wanted to keep it simple and comfortable, for everyone.


This week’s Gluten-Free Menu Swap is being hosted by Celiac’s In The House. If you’re new here from the Menu Swap, please leave me a cheery welcome message!

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan January 30th

  1. Well, I read this late and missed the week of gf. How did it go? Some people I know do the gf thing because there could be an Autism connection with one of their kids.

  2. It was an interesting experiment but didn’t accomplish what I had hoped. Still, at least we ruled out gluten as a problem 🙂

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