Rue Grande is clean

It took me a couple weeks and a box of orange trash bags that I could only find in Canada, to clean up just over a kilometer of roadside. Those bags are 140 liter bags, and I filled twenty of them. Liam helped with the last six bags.

That stretch of road was a real eyesore on my bike ride to work. I don’t think it has ever been cleaned as well as we did it.








4 thoughts on “Rue Grande is clean

  1. Awesome job and great ambition. I’m shocked there was that much debris. Something we all should really do!

  2. I didn’t do that this year before I left Belgium. I suppose in a short period of time, that road will look as if I had done nothing.

    In comparison, very little trash here in Eugene. I’m sure there is some, but nothing like what I’ve seen around Wallonia. Ask K about the road to the Jemappes park sometime.

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