We’ve moved!

No pictures just yet, and this is only the announcement, not the long story.  But, we are moving from Belgium to Eugene, Oregon.  If you know us, you have our email address, and probably have some details.  More to follow…

2 thoughts on “We’ve moved!

  1. We still haven’t bought a house. Oh, we’ve found a couple we wanted, but we were too late. We now have a highly motivated and responsive real estate agent that is looking for us, knows what we want, and is providing options as they come onto the market.

    I spent the day yesterday outfitting a little two bedroom apartment for temporary quarters for us. A few omissions, a couple of mistakes (dish drainer too big, not enough clothes hangers, a few LED or CFL light bulbs), but it’s liveable. I bought a set of pans for twenty bucks that are the cheapest pieces of crap I’ve ever seen. Not worth the thin aluminum they are made of.

    However, I have a toaster that will actually make toasted toast, and a nice microwave oven. Need a little couch and coffee table. I know what I want at the Ikea in Portland, and have no damned idea how to get it here to Eugene.

  2. We did buy a house, finally. We’re happy with it, but there is a ton of work to do. Cleaning is priority. Man, the kitchen and baths are scummy. Too many years of insufficient cleaning by the previous owner.

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