Ahhhh, God, the dreaded nightmare that is international paperwork begins again. Here I thought I was being all efficient back in August when I ordered fresh copies of all our vital records. We didn’t need brand new copies for the home study, of course, but I was naturally so sure that we’d breeze right through this system and already have our dossier submitted to country X that I thought I’d get a jumpstart.


So…. today I ordered fresh copies of our marriage certificate and our criminal background checks from Hawaii (our last state of residence). When the arrive, I have to ship them back to Hawaii for authentication. I searched high and low for a document courier in HI, but couldn’t find one. No doubt the first person that reads this entry will say, too bad, I have a great contact….

Here’s what we need for our dossier:

1. Petition to adopt
2. Home study, along with a copy of the social worker’s license, agency license, and employment verification letter by the agency for the s/w
3. I-171H
4. Passport copies
5. Criminal background checks from Hawaii AND from Belgium
6. Employment verification letter for J; statement from me saying I don’t work outside the home
7. Medical forms for both of us
8. Letter of obligation – stating that we will register our child with the birth country’s embassy and that he will retain citizenship until he’s eighteen
9. Marriage certificate
10. Power of attorney
11. Appointment letter

Hmmmm… so, no birth certificates, no divorce decrees (which is a good thing, as Seoul has yet to send a copy of J’s decree), no name affidavits….

So, NOT Hungary, and NOT Guatemala. Wherever could it be??

You know, I really want to come up with some witty riddle about our country of choice, but I’m drawing a blank. I’ll give it some serious thought, because this dragging-it-out-stuff is getting annoying, even to me.

2 thoughts on “dossier

  1. I feel your pain about the dossier… oh the paperwork! And just when you think you have it all worked out, something else pops up.

    What country? I’m going to guess Russia.

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